It's essential to recognize that no supplement can replace the fundamentals of good health: sound sleep, physical fitness, and a nutritious diet. My path to supplements was cautious and informed, taking four years to establish a solid health foundation. Only then did I explore supplements as a means to fine-tune my well-being, not as a primary solution.

Before the Challenge:

  1. Initial Phase (No Supplements)
  2. Introducing Basics (2020-2022): Started using Athletic Greens and Magnesium, marking the beginning of my supplement journey.
  3. 1st Personalized Approach (Autumn 2022): Developed My First Supplement Stack.

Changes for the ChallengeBased on comprehensive blood, hair, and epigenetic testing, I've shifted to a new supplement regime that's more aligned with my current health needs. 

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Automations for Efficiency

  • Pill Organization: To streamline my routine, I use pill containers for my morning supplements, sorted every two weeks. This system saves me significant time daily.
  • Bulk Purchasing: I restock my supplements every 2-3 months, ensuring a consistent supply.

Future Considerations

While exploring advanced supplements and medications like NMN or rapamycin intrigues me, I'm mindful of their cost and the limited scientific evidence supporting their benefits. At this stage, given my age and health metrics, these are not priorities in my regimen. However, that might change of course as I age.