Physical Health / Fitness

From a competitive swimmer at 16 to rediscovering fitness during my master's at 23, my journey has been a blend of discipline and self-discovery. My early swimming years, though reluctantly embraced, laid the foundation for my physical health. Post-17, I dropped active sports, reigniting my passion with a gym routine during my master's and later, embracing Crossfit in Berlin in 2019. This period marked a shift towards understanding exercise mechanics and correct form.

Pre-Challenge Fitness:
I have done much of pre-challenge fitness already, but have been lacking consistency & a clear protocol.

  1. Yoga: A daily practice since 2021, with at least one extended session weekly.
  2. Steps: Averaging 11,300 daily steps since 2021.
  3. Fitness: A mix of weekly HIIT sessions, occasional runs, and upper body/core strength workouts.
  4. Cardio Activities: Highlighted by a half marathon in Oct. 2022 and a challenging hike in Sept. 2022.
  5. Thermal Exposure: Daily cold showers (after hot) and regular sauna sessions from Sept. to Dec. 2022.

New Regime
Inspired by Andrew Huberman’s routine, I've designed a fitness routine that emphasizes strength and cardio, maintaining the positives from my previous activities.


  1. A single, consistent workout protocol.
  2. Emphasis on bodyweight exercises & procuring basic training devices to eliminate the need for a gym subscription & commute.

Weekly Fitness Plan

Following a blend of Huberman and Bryan Johnson's protocols, I have access to minimal equipment like a Pullup Bar, TRX, Dumbbells, and Resistance Bands. Huberman's flexibility allows workout adjustments across the week to fit schedules. 

-> My Fitness Protocol with exercise descriptions here <- 


Each day begins with a specific style of Yoga to complement the previous day's focus.

  • Monday: Torso & Neck Resistance Training (60 mins) - VIDEO
  • Tuesday: Long Endurance Workout (60-90 mins)
  • Wednesday: High-Intensity Interval Training (30 mins)
  • Thursday: Arms, Neck & Calves Training (60 mins)
  • Friday: Moderate Cardiovascular Training (40 mins)
  • Saturday: Leg Resistance Training (60 mins)
  • Sunday: Recovery with Heat & Cold Exposure (120-200 mins) 

The workouts alternate between heavier and moderate-lighter weights monthly (Schedule A & B).

Future Considerations

  1. Incorporate a daily 30min walk for consistent 10,000 steps.
  2. Set skill-based goals like mastering a handstand or muscle-up.
  3. Add a grip strength training routine.