Monthly Updates 

May 2024

Video: Released my Deep Dive on Lipoprotein(a)

More TBA

April 2024

Video: Released AVA Medical Video on trying advanced longevity tech.

Action Plan: Finalized action plan after receiving all mid-challenge results from AVA Medical. See table below.

Started New Skin Protocol:
  1. Applying retinol cream for the face and serum for eyes at night.
  2. Using daily sunscreen 50+ and hydrating the skin and eyes in the morning.
  3. Training to stop forehead wrinkling with a band.

Oura Ring:
  1. Now wearing the ring throughout the day.
  2. Stress measurements show maximum stress while working on the computer; sleep recovery is good.
  3. Seeking effective stress therapy, possibly considering Pulsetto.

Taiwan Holiday: Got sunburned despite using 50 sunscreen after 3 hours in the sun. Now checking UV index before sun exposure. Lesson learned.
  AVA Results, Action Plan - April 2024                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
CategoryGoalDo NowIn 1 MonthNext 2-3 Months
Blood GlucoseAvg. 90 (now around 104, but might be due to muscle mass & exercise) 1. Buy 2 * CGM
2. Eat low carb
3. Apple Cidre Vinegar before meals
4. Reduce Stress
If not better start Metformin
LipidsLp(a) < 30 mg/dl
Apo(B) < 30 mg/dl
1. Cut down on foods with saturated fats
2. Supplement with Q10 at 200mg & NattoKinase at 2000 FU
If no improvement then Nustendi as a medication.Get one of the following: Calcium Scan, CT Angiogram, or MRT
HormonesFree & normal testosterone up
SHGB down
1. Wait for diet changes to bring average glucose levels down
2. Get sunlight to testes
If no change to SHGB & Free Test then start medication for raising LH & FSA
Omega 3EPA/AA 0.5 (currently 0.28)Eat less eggs. Avoid foods high in AA. More Chia or Linseed Oil
IronTransferrin below 25% (currently at 49%)Stop iron supplementation
TestingBlood Test in One Month: Insulin, SHGB, Free Testosterone, Total Testosterone, LH, FSA, Estrogen

March 2024

Video Released: My Blueprint Morning Routine

Mid-Term Test Updates:
  1. First Diagnosis from AVA: High Lipoprotein(a) at 39mg/dl means higher CVD risk. This is an issue; Now researching and I'll be doing a video on this next. (Update: VIDEO HERE):
  2. Other results received: some good, some need retesting for further diagnosis. Stay tuned for updates.
  3. TruDiagnostic Tests are now harder to get in Germany, so results will take a while.
  4. Fitness Tests: All showed improvement; e.g., continous pushups increased to 64.

Changes to Protocol from First AVA Follow-Up Call:
  1. Increased Vitamin D to 5000 IU.
  2. Developing a skin protocol to start in April. Finding good products seems hard.

Hosted the second “Don’t Die” Meetup in Frankfurt with a hike to Altkönig Mountain. Lots of fun & great to meet likeminded people. Pictures attached.

Temporary Stack Change during Holiday:
Went on holiday in Taiwan. Paused my stack & fitness regimen to try Bryan Johnson's Blueprint Stack (similar to mine with some nice additions).
  • It added convenience by reducing the number of pills.
  • Experienced reflux issues in the first week, but they resolved quickly.

February 2024

AVA Medical Visit
I visited AVA Medical, the first proactive medicine practice in Germany. (Click here to check them out, yes I get commissions if you come through me).
  1. Mid-term results: Took over 60 blood markers and am now awaiting results.
  2. Tried different longevity therapies (VIDEO HERE):
    1. Infusions: NAD+, Vitamin B, and EAAs
      • Notably, the NAD+ infusion created a strange pressure feeling when accelerated.
      • But had significantly elevated energy level the next days.
    2. Red Light Therapy
    3. Vagus nerve stimulation (Nurosym & Pulsetto) - Brought my HR right down & HRV up.
    4. Visia Scan Device to determine skin age (see pic attached)

Immediate Outcomes from AVA visit:
  1. Skin age matches chronological age (32). Happy it’s not older, but aiming to reduce it.
  2. Planning to design a daily skin protocol (including retinol).
  3. Really want a Pulsetto now.

  • Fully recovered to November's fitness levels before getting sick, regaining physique, strength, and endurance. Important lesson: take sufficient recovery time.
  • HRV and RHR are not yet back to optimal levels.

Other Observations:
  • My Pulse Wave on my scale hasn’t returned to desired levels, now mostly at normal levels. Planning to address this.

January 2024

Video Released: My Custom Longevity Blueprint

Recovery and Fitness:
After sickness in December, I am now fully recovered. I ramped back into my fitness protocol during the first half of January with minimal loss in muscle and gains.

Completed an 8-day Silent Meditation retreat with my teacher Milenko (Lineage Holder for “Individual Meditation” teaching) focused on clearing the mind.
   Key insight: “I don’t wish for approval of others.”

New Blueprint Additions:
  • Incorporated grip strength training into my fitness plan. 1 p.w. (dead hang training + grip strength trainers) 
  • Added Ashwagandha to my supplement stack.

Community Engagement:

  • Hosted the first "Don’t Die" Meetup in Frankfurt with around 30 participants.
  • Scheduled the next round of tests with AVA Medical in Hamburg for mid-term challenge results at the end of February.

December 2023

Sick for 3 weeks, first with a throat infection that turned into a full blown middle ear infection which took 2 different antibiotics to kill. So I, was deaf on the right ear & had to spend most December in recovery mode and the holiday break came as a very welcome opportunity to reset. Luckily my hearing recovered.

As to the Challenge: I just stopped the fitness protocol part of my Blueprint. I maintained everything diet, meditation & sleep protocols and that certainly helped with recovery.

Lessons Learned:
  1. Patiently & slowly ramp your fitness routine after recovery
    1. After I thought I recovered from the initial throat infection I started straight into my workout protocol and this led to the infection remains “re-igniting” in my ear.
  2. Prioritize PRE-biotics over PRO-biotics (i.e. feed the good bacteria in your gut, because w/o food they die)
  3. Don’t visit a packed sauna with people sneezing ;)

November 2023

  • Fully ramped blueprint fitness protocol & Saw first success with e.g. VO2 Max (Apple Watch) increasing 7%
  • Created and am making final changes to supplement & diet protocol
  • Started Training to become certified REBT Coach (see Mental Health section)

  • Baseline test-results arrived (Tru-Diagnostics) - Surprising: 0.72 Dunedin Pace of Aging.
  • Completed all Fitness Tests

Data Highlight - Sleep Improvements:
November Oura Sleep Scores Averages = Best of 2023

  1. Avg. Sleep Score: 84 (+1 MoM)
  2. HRV = 46ms (+8 MoM)
  3. Resting Heart Rate = 49 (-3 MoM)