Inspired by Bryan Johnson & on the mission find out whether spending $10,000 is enough to build my Autonomous Self
 & rank top tier in the Rejuvenation Olympics.

Budget Left: $2,325

 Daily Burn Rate: $25.88

Est. End Date: 9. July 2024

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+ Accumulating aging damage slower than 82% of 18 year olds, and only 1.3% faster than Bryan Johnson.
+ Pace of Aging: 0.72 (Duedin)
+ V02 max: 55.25 mL/(kg·min), top 2.3% of 20 year olds (Cooper Test 16. Nov ‘23, 2977m)
+ Sleep performance +30% & readiness 16% (oura; avg. p.a. since 2021)
+ Body inflammation (CRP <1.0), waiting to do hsCRP
+ Meditated for +900 Hours since 2016 

NOTE: This website is provided for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute providing medical advice or professional services. The information provided should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, and those seeking personal medical advice should consult with a licensed physician.

Also, I know this website looks like Bryan Johnson’s protocol site. I built it that way so that you feel at home. This challenge is mostly built on top of a what the “most measured man in history” did, but modified & spiced up with my own flavours. Having a similar web presence makes our blueprints more comparable - in the end Bryan & me are rejuvenation athletes, and athletes compete (but tbh, I am also a vey big fan Bryan!)

Philosophy: Indefinite Eudaimonia

Today's Fountain of Youth = the scientific breakthrough(s) that enable indefinite youthfulness.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) are the path forward for nearly all of humanity's frontiers. Since their inception, their complexity has increased exponentially. 

STEM draws the map to the Fountain of Youth, but in our quest it's easy to get lost in the countless longevity offers, scientific jargon, or data overload. Bryan Johnson's approach is facinating and deserves appreciation, but it is extreme.

My goal is to design a blueprint that is easy to understand, works at a fraction of the cost and keeps me (and you) younger than the most measured man in history.

The essence of this blueprint lies in combining mind mastery with a sense of adventure and a life well-lived. This philosophy defines how we walk the path to the Fountain of Youth, recognizing that the journey is as important as the goal. We embrace optimizing healthspan without being outcome-dependent.

Build and follow a system that optimizes your healthspan through harmonizing mental-, spiritual- & physical health, and readies you for the future. This blueprint ensures that our pursuit of longevity doesn't overshadow the essence of truly living. It invites you, to embrace your life's journey optimistically, prepared yet unburdened by our mortality.

This philosophy encourages living fully in the present while curiously preparing for an indefinite future. Every moment is an opportunity for growth, joy, and deciding to stay young.

So join the quest and have fun.

Truth through data and wisdom
+ Mind mastery over mind slavery
+ A good life over demanding the best possible
+ Group intelligence over individual complexity
Rebel against:
Conformity in health
Time being money
- Digital overload & addiction
Short-term fixes at long-term expense

Does my Blueprint work? I don’t know yet. But, here is 
my baseline data:

From what I could find im not doing too bad. But please, prove me wrong - I am very curious to get a different angle on how I can improve.

For detailed Baseline test results see here (shoutout to NewZapiens who did incredible work on setting this resourceful sheet)


My rate of aging is .72 based upon a state of the art epigenetic clock DunedinPACE. 
I am now accumulating aging damage slower than the average 10 year old and slower than 82% of 18 year olds. And just 1.3% faster than Bryan Johnson ;)

Fountain of Youth - Principles

Principle 1: Mind Matters Most An untamed elephant wreaks havoc and destruction. Your untrained mind is just like that. However, a trained elephant is immensely powerful. Therefore, mastering our minds is essential in any pursuit, as everything else follows a tamed mind.

Everything in your reality, from perception to reaction, starts and ends with your mind. 

Principle 2: Journey as an Adventure
Approaching the quest for longevity as an adventure keeps it exciting and enjoyable. Each step, taken with curiosity and vigor, helps us overcome short-term challenges and maintain long-term persistence.

Principle 3: The Good Life Win-Win
If we succeed in our quest, we win. If we don't, but live a well-lived life, we still win. The ultimate victory is living fully for as long as possible.

Principle 4: Unhurried ExplorationDiscovering the Fountain of Youth implies a new relationship with time. In a fast-paced world, our approach is counterintuitive: we avoid stress and unhealthy competition. Prepared and future-ready, we savor the quest without a sense of urgency.